247-After hour Gambling Dens New York

“Running an Illegal Gambling Den” provides a detailed insight into the world of underground poker games. It begins with an individual discussing their potential earnings, ranging from $3,000 to $4,000 in a night. The person has been involved in this illegal business for 12 years, making around $13,000 weekly, but also experiencing significant losses.

The post then shifts to the broader scene in New York City, where gambling happens around the clock. It describes the diverse range of participants, from billionaires to drug addicts, and introduces the concept of “Grinders” and “whales” in this context. Grinders travel to different clubs to play, while whales are wealthy individuals who often lose large sums of money.

The story of ‘Chummy,’ who ran a profitable poker game for 15 years, is highlighted. He talks about setting up games in a basement, emphasizing that the location didn’t matter as long as money was involved. He reflects on the psychology of gambling, where the thrill of winning big or losing big drives players.

The post also covers the darker side of these gambling dens, including instances of robbery. One anecdote describes a robbery at a poker game, where the narrator cleverly hides his own money while being forced to hand over what’s visible.

Furthermore, the post delves into the strategies of those who rob these games, explaining how they specifically target illegal games due to the inability of victims to seek police help. It mentions how these robberies are often inside jobs, with the help of staff like waitresses or security guards.

One robber shares his experience, detailing how he and his accomplices, including the driver and informer, split the money stolen from a game. He describes the meticulous planning involved in selecting and robbing a game.

The post concludes with a harrowing account of a no-mask robbery where the narrator, armed and unmasked, demands money from the players, threatening violence if not complied with. The post starkly portrays the high-risk, high-reward nature of this illegal underground world, emphasizing the dangers and the volatile mix of money and crime.

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