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To use "Top 3 Lottery Jackpots" widget in your site sidebar, use the following steps:

1 Go to admin panel and add a WordPress "Text" widget in your sidebar on "Appearance => Widgets" admin screen.

2 Insert shortcode [top3jackpots] into content area of the text widget and click "Save" button.

3 Visit front-end pages and make sure the widget is shown correctly for all pages. Make sure mobile widget is shown correctly for all pages (for Home Page is not used by default). For any CSS adjustments, click "Custom CSS" tab of this settings box and adjust appearance of the widget using CSS. Use "Preview" button for quick live preview the changes and "Save" button to save the changes.

4 Open an affiliate account on

5 Get your affiliate id from the affiliate panel, e.g 845.

6 In "General" tab of this settings box specify your User ID and click "Save" button.

7 Switch to "Yes" the "Is Public" option and click "Save" button to make the widget visible for all users.

8 Click on the widget "Play Now" links and make sure they redirect users correctly.

9 Use "Info" tab of this settings box to see clicks history.

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